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Johnny Depp: Discografia


1988, Rock City Angels: Young Man’s Blues [songwriter: music, Mary]
1993, Goran Bregovic: American Dreamers (album: Arizona Dream Soundtrack) [spoken words]
1994, Shane MacGowan & The Popes:  The Snake (album: undisclosed songs) [guitar, weird noises]


1995, Oasis: Fade Away (album: Cigarettes & Alcohol B-side) [guitar]
1995, P: P (album) [guitar, bass, songwriter]
1996, Dead Man Soundtrack [spoken word]
1997, Jack Kerouac: Madroad Driving (album: Visions of Cody) [spoken word]
1997, Oasis: Fade In-Out (album: Be Here Now) [slide guitar]
1999, Iggy Pop: Hollywood Affair (album: Corruption) [guitar; songwriter: music, producer]
1999, Chuck E. Weiss: Devil With Blue Suede Shoes (album: Extremely Cool) [executive producer]


2000, Vanessa Paradis: Bliss (album) [artist: cover photograph]
2000, Vanessa Paradis: Firmaman (song) [lead guitar]
2000, Vanessa Paradis: St. Germain (song) [songwriter: music]
2000, Vanessa Paradis: Bliss (song) [songwriter: music]
2001, Chocolat Soundtrack: Minor Swing and Caravan (songs) [guitar]
2002, The Boogie Pimps: Salt Shaker [spoken word]
2004, Once Upon A Time In Mexico Soundtrack: Sands Theme (song) [“performed by Tonto’s Giant Nuts”; songwriter, with Bill Carter, Bruce Witkin, Ruth Ellsworth; producer]
2004, Bobby Darin:  Aces Back To Back (album) [author]


2006, Rogue’s Gallery:  Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys (album) [executive producer]
2007, Vanessa Paradis:  Divinidylle (album) [artist: cover portrait]
2007, Gypsy Caravan:  Music In And Inspired By The Film (album) [author]
2007, Sweeney Todd soundtrack (album)[vocals]
2008, Gonzo: The Life And Work Of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson – Music From The Film [spoken word; producer; author]
2009, Glenn Tilbrook & The Fluffers:  Too Close To The Sun (song) [spoken word]
2009, Vanessa Paradis:  Best Of (album) [artist/photographer]


2010, Babybird:  Unloveable (song) [guitar]
2010, Shane MacGowan & Friends:  I Put A Spell On You (song) [guitar]
2010, When You’re Strange: Songs From The Motion Picture (album) [spoken word; author]
2010, Life – Audiobook autobiography of Keith Richards (CD) [spoken word]
2011, The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box (box set) [author]
2011, Vanessa Paradis (cover), Ballade de Melody Nelson (album:From Gainsbourg To Lulu) [guitar, bass, percussions, voice]
2011, Babybird: Jesus Stag Night Club (album: The Pleasures Of Self Destruction) [guitar]
2011, The Rum Diary Soundtrack [productor]
2012, Marilyn Manson: You’re so Vain (album: Born Villain) [guitar]
2012, Dark Shadows Soundtrack: The Jocker (album: Dark Shadows Soundtrack) [spoken words]
2012, Patti Smith: Banga (album: Banga) [guitar, drums]
2012, Collective Bargaining (Jup and Rob Jackson featuring Kae State): Street Runners [spoken words]
2012, Aerosmith: Freedom Fighter (album: Music from another dimension!) [background vocals]
2012, Bill Carter: Anything Made Of Paper / Road To Nowhere (album: West Of Memphis soundtrack) [?]