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Waiting For The Barbarians to premiere at film festivals

In last year’s autumn, Johnny Depp was in Morocco filming Waiting For The Barbarians. The film was based on J. M. Coetzee’s novel, is directed by Ciro Guerra and played by Mark Rylance.

This year, Waiting To The Barbarians is premiering at the main international film festivals: first, it’s having its world premiere in Venezia, Italia, at the Mostra Internazionale del Cinema. It will later be screened at the Deauville Festival and at the San Sebastian International Film Festival, as recently revealed by the official lineup.

Johnny Depp is now officially confirmed to attend the Venice Film Festival on September 6th, hosted by director Alberto Barbera.

In the film, Johnny Depp plays the Colonell Joll while Mark Rylance portrays the main character of the story, the Magistrate.

The sinopsys follows:

Waiting For The Barbarians centers on the crisis of conscience of the Magistrate who is a loyal servant of the Empire working in a small desert fortress, doing his best to ignore an inevitable war with the “Barbarians”. After he witnesses the cruel and unjust treatment of the prisoners of war, he reconsiders his roe in the regime and carries out a quixotic act of rebellion.

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